Infection Control Policy

Policy Statement
The purpose of infection control in dental practice is to reduce the risk of transmission of potentially infective organisms present primarily in blood and saliva and so prevent and control the occurrence of health care associated infections (HAIs).

Cambuslang Dental Practice recognises that good infection control is essential to ensure the safety of patients, practice staff and external personal, whether they attend on site or receive items dispatched to their premises. Cambuslang Dental Care has established procedures based on the Standard Infection Control Precautions Policy within Health Protection Scotland’s National Infection Prevention and Control Manual to ensure that high standards of infection control are achieved at all times.

All staff have a responsibility for infection control and must read and comply with this policy. Any problems with the application of or compliance with this or related policies or any other concerns are reported to Julie MacMillan who has overall responsibility for Infection Control within the practice.

Staff Training
Cambuslang Dental Practice provides members of staff with suitable training in infection control, including decontamination. This is updated on an annual basis and documented in the practice inspection folder and practice meeting minutes. New members of staff receive infection control training as part of their induction. Non-clinical staff receive infection control training relevant to their role within the practice and a record of training is kept.

Members of staff who are GDC registrants must complete 5 hours of decontamination training in each five-year year CPD cycle.

Any update to the Infection Control policy or procedures will be communicated to staff during practice meetings.
Staff must also read/refer to the practice’s Health and Safety Policy and other related policies.

Medical histories are updated for every patient at each examination appointment. Staff must observe confidentiality at all times regarding information relating to patients and each other (e.g. immunisation status). Patient information is not disclosed to any third party without the patient’s permission (see Confidentiality Policy).
Other Infection Control-related Policies.

In addition to the above infection control policy statement, this practice has policies and procedures (where relevant) to underpin the following Standard Infection Control Precautions and other related activities relevant to dental practice.


  • The practice has the following separate policies
  • Immunisation and Health Clearance
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Occupational Exposure Management, including sharps
  • Control of the Environment
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safe Disposal of Waste
  • Procurement of Infection Control and Decontamination Items
  • Decontamination of Reusable Instruments
  • Dispatch to Laboratories and Suppliers
  • Dispatch of Pathology Specimens
  • Infection Control for Domiciliary Visits

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